Thursday, September 06, 2018

Compilation: USA Ultimate Club Division Triple Crown Tour Prize Money (2013-2018)

Since 2013, USA Ultimate's club season has been awarding prize money for specifically designated Triple Crown Tour events. Two teams have earned prize money every TCT season - San Francisco Revolver (M) and Boston Brute Squad (W). In 6 TCT seasons, Revolver has won $27,250 and Brute Squad has pocketed $18,000. Seattle Mixtape has won the most of any mixed club team with $11,000.

$157,000 = grand total of prize money awarded by USA Ultimate Triple Crown Tour (2013-2018)

37 = # of different teams that have won Triple Crown Tour prize money (2013-20018)
  • 16 = # of different mixed club teams with TCT prize money
  • 12 = # of different men's club teams with TCT prize money
  • 9 = # of different women's club teams with TCT prize money
Triple Crown Tour total prize money [2013-2018]

Top Men's Division Teams by prize money
1. Revolver
2. Seattle Sockeye
3. Chicago Machine
4. New York PoNY
5. Denver Johnny Bravo

Top Mixed Division Teams by prize money
1. Seattle Mixtape
2. Minneapolis Drag'n Thrust
3. Philadelphia AMP
4. Bay Area Polar Bears
5. Boston Slow White

Top Women's Division Teams by prize money
1. Boston Brute Squad
2. Seattle Riot
3. San Francisco Fury
4. Washington DC Scandal
5. Denver Molly Brown

NOTES: Figures as as of 9/5/2018; the remaining TCT 2018 event takes place in October 18-21.


Anonymous said...

Looks like BFG is listed twice

Sludge said...

Dear Anonymous @ 2:21PM,
Thanks for reading. The chart and data has been updated accordingly.

natman said...

Love the level of detail.

The Melbourne Ellipsis listed in your table won the US Open as a mixed team. The ellipsis club has been focused mainly on women's ultimate but has sent mixed teams to events and is now preparing to have a men's team for the next Australian Nationals season.

Sludge said...

Good catch, natman. The chart and post has been updated.