Tuesday, March 28, 2017

AUDL 2017 Regular Season Schedule

The 6th season of American Ultimate Disc League starts on April 1 and runs until late August. A total of 24 teams within 4 divisions will play a 168 regulars season games. the majority of games will be played on Saturdays (111 games, 66%); there will be 45 games on Sunday and 12 Friday night games.

Here's a look at the AUDL's regular season of weekly games scheduled by division.

The East Division starts their AUDL season in Week 2, while the South Division wraps up their regular season in Week 16.

All 4 divisions concurrently play scheduled games except in Weeks 1, 3, and 17.

Week 3 of the season has the fewest scheduled games; 2.

The most games scheduled will be in Week 5 and in Week 10; both have 15 scheduled games.

Week 5 is the only where all 24 AUDL teams play on the same weekend. [via]

Week 16 has 4 scheduled games on Friday (July 14).

Seattle Cascades play 4 Friday night games throughout the season.

There are 4 inter-divisional regular season games scheduled.

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