Tuesday, July 25, 2017

USA Ultimate Player Stats at The World Games 2017

USA Ultimate National Team continued their winning streak at The World Games. The 14-player roster from different club ultimate teams went (3-1) in the round robin, advanced to the gold medal game and won gold in their rematch against Colombia. All games were played to 13 points.

Team USA scored 64 total goals at The World Games during the Flying Disc event; all U.S. players scored at least 1 goal. All but one player - Sandy Jorgensen - tallied an assist. The U.S. mixed ultimate team scored the most goals of any team in one half - 9 goals! This scoring output happened during the 2nd half of their first game versus Colombia when the US were down 3-7 at half and would eventually lose 12-13. The U.S. would win their next games against Canada, Australia and Japan. Their remaining round robin game was cancelled due to rain. The 5th game played by the U.S. was the gold medal match.

Goal Leaders
Grant Lindsley = 8
Sandy Jorgensen = 8
Nick Stuart = 7
Beau Kittredge = 7

Assist Leaders
Jimmy Mickle = 10
Dylan Freechild = 9
George Stubbs = 8
Georgia Bosscher = 7

Goal + Assist Leaders
Jimmy Mickle = 14
Grant Lindsley = 13
Dylan Freechild = 13
Georgia Bosscher = 11
Chris Kocher = 11
Beau Kittredge = 10

[Data via TWG; chart by SLUDGE]

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