Sunday, July 16, 2017

[UPDATE. Ultiworld Retracts Story About] The Time When Skyd Magazine Offered to Buyout Ultiworld

UPDATED [8:51pm]

Skyd Magazine's Editor Liam Rossen provided their side of this story via reddit:
This is incorrect.
In 2012, Bryan reached out to Charlie to talk about partnering and the Ultiworld reporters potentially joining the Skyd team, as we often did to new ultimate blogs that popped up (that's how we got No Look Scoober [Bryan] and Inside Breaks [Neeley and Joaq] in the beginning).
We never made any sort of offer to buy out Ultiworld at that time, and we certainly never had "$10 or $11000" floating around to even entertain that possibility.
Ultiworld's Charlie has since confirmed the deal specifics as discussed on the podcast were not accurate.

Correction: I just looked up the email (from Bryan Jones) in my inbox and there was never any kind of financial offer discussed for a buyout of Ultiworld by Skyd. There was the desire to “make [Ultiworld] an offer to join up” with Skyd, but, as I said on the podcast, I don’t think that was ever actually discussed (although I honestly do not remember). I think Wes and I just misremembered the specifics of what actually happened there. Although we did talk about six figures being the selling price 😂. Apologies for the error.

[Originally posted on 8:11am]
Ultiworld just celebrated 5 years and took a trip down memory lane in their anniversary Deep Look podcast [July 14, 2017]. Original collaborators Charlie Eisenhood and Wes Cronk discussed their recollections of building their simple website plus a business offer unknown until now.

The gist is then-Skyd-reporter-now-Ultiworld-supporter Bryan Jones on behalf of Skyd Magazine emailed Ultiworld a buyout offer - after just 2 weeks after their launch.

From the podcast [start @ 6:30]
Wes: We got this offer from was no more than 10 or $11,000...$11,000 was something I could see young 'us' biting at. ... There's no way you sell for less than six figures, right?

Charlie: Two weeks in!

Wes: ...You have spent five years doing this. I think that the fun and satisfaction of those 5 years are worth more than that 10K would be to you now.

Charlie: Oh yeah. I don't think we ever had a conversation with Skyd.... We're two weeks old and we have a garbage Wordpress site slapped together. I won't lie. ... I'm a competitive person. And, I was out to beat Skyd in every way possible.


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