Monday, July 24, 2017

Recap: Flying Disc Ultimate event at 2017 The World Games

Pre-Tournament Seeding
The top seeds to The World Games flying disc/ultimate event were USA, Australia and Canada. The seeding was predetermined by WFDF qualification process is based on results across the mixed, men's and women's division championships during the WFDF 2016 World Ultimate (and Guts) Championships with the top-five combined county results plus the automatic host country bid (Poland).

WU(G)C 2016 Results in Mixed Division by TWG 2017 participating countries:
1. USA
2. Australia
3. Canada
6. Japan
8. Colombia
9T. Poland

Preliminary Round
After the preliminary round robin  matches were complete, all teams had at least one loss. 5th-seeded Colombia led the standings with their opening game match against the top-seeded U.S. team; Australia dropped to 4th and Japan to 5th.

The last preliminary match  - USA versus Poland - on Sunday July 23 was cancelled due to inclement weather (rain). The other four teams played earlier that day and Colombia, Canada and Australia would play later that same day in medal matches. The extra (unplanned) rest for the USA in a condensed schedule format tournament with a short (14-person) roster seemed to benefit the US team going into the gold match.

Medal Matches
USA won the rematch against Colombia 13-7 (7-5 half) to win gold.
Canada won bronze over Australia by the score of 13-11 (7-4 half).

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