Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Beau Kittredge Deemed 'Fittest Athlete Alive' According to Outside Magazine

Beau Kittredge was profiled in Outside Magazine in June 2017 by author David Gessner in a piece called 'No Disc-respect.' The article says Beau "looks like an NFL wide receiver, sprints like an Olympian, and jumps like Jordan."

A companion article '24 Hours with the Fastest, Fittest, Most Explosive Ultimate Frisbee Player' delves into Beau's daily routine dishing him an insanely high compliment:
When you think of insanely fit athletes, who comes to mind? Odell Beckham? Lindsey Vonn? CrossFit Games champ Mat Fraser? What about Beau Kittredge, the two-time American Ultimate Disc League MVP? No? Well, the Alaska-born, San Francisco-based ultimate player might just be one of the fittest athletes alive.

Here's Beau's 14-hour day:

9 a.m: Wakeup, Stretch

9:30 a.m: Morning Stroll

10 a.m: Breakfast 

11:15 a.m: Get Up
Beau: "Every hour, I'll get up, walk around, and maybe stretch for about five minutes." This kind of intermittent low-intensity exercise and mobility work has huge dividends in building and maintaining Kittredge's movement quality and preventing injuries, he says. Once he sits, he'll often place a lacrosse ball under his hamstrings or glutes.

1 p.m: Track Workout

2:15 p.m: Lunch
Beau: "I don’t really track my nutrition. I'm just constantly trying to get in more calories and drink more water."

4:15 p.m: Yoga
Beau: "I hate yoga, but I think it's a necessary evil."

6:00 p.m: Dinner

8:00 p.m: Weights Workout
Three times a week, usually between track days, Kittredge will hit the weight room after dinner.

9:30 p.m: Eat More
Beau: "I suck down a protein drink then lay on the couch for a while until I can move."

11:00 p.m: Bed

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