Thursday, July 06, 2017

Montreal Royal Prove Ultiworld Wrong

In December 2016, Ultiworld published '2017 AUDL Championship Weekend To Be Held In Montreal, Quebec' and mentioned: "However, this will also be the first time since the inaugural 2012 season that the league will hold the Championship Weekend in a city where the home team will not be favored to make the playoffs."

Ultiworld's flippant statement was probably relying on the history of AUDL East where Toronto Rush are perennial champs, the New York Empire are recurrent playoff contenders, and the D.C. Breeze most recently made the playoffs. The AUDL 2017 season was still 4 months away and rosters had not yet been finalized. Montreal's first and only appearance in the postseason was in the AUDL 2015 season.


Seven months after Ultiworld's diss, the Montreal Royal (8-4) earned a playoff spot after Week 14 and are "officially in the playoffs!"

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