Thursday, July 20, 2017

Medal History for Flying Disc (Mixed Ultimate) at The World Games

The quadrennial World Games opens today with Flying Disc (mixed ultimate) scheduled for play on Thursday through Saturday. In its history, only 4 countries have medaled at The World Games in the Trend Sport of Flying Disc.

USA has won gold in flying disc at 3 of the 4 World Games; and 3 of the last 4. Canada is the only other country to win gold in flying disc. USA has won the most medals (4), followed by Australia, Canada - both with 3, and then Japan (2).

Based on the WUGC 2016 results, the six participating countries at The World Games in  Wroclaw, Poland are: United States of America, Japan, Australia, Colombia, Canada, plus the host country of Poland.

[Data via TWG; chart by SLUDGE]

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