Friday, July 25, 2014

Club Representation on AUDL Final Four Teams

A main source of American Ultimate Disc League players are from each team's local club teams. Here's the breakdown for each team in the AUDL Final Four:

PRIMARY Club Team Feeder on each AUDL Final Four Team Roster
63% (17 of 27) Toronto Rush roster  = Toronto GOAT men's team
36% (10 of 28) Madison Radicals roster = Madison Club men's team
32% (9 of 28) San Jose Spider roster = San Francisco Revolver men's team
25% (7 of 28) New York Empire roster = 7 Express mixed team

NOTES: Based on published 2014 online rosters.
Does not represent attending players at 2014 Finals Weekend.

REALTD: Minnesota Wind Chill's 2014 roster

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