Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The Frisbee and Archie Comics

The main character of the long-running comic book series set in a small town called Riverdale is coming to an end. This week's Life With Archie comic book (which is set in the future) will [[SPOILER ALERT]] have Archie Andrews killed trying to save a friend's life. Do not despair; Archie's character will remain alive in the other Archie Comics series.

Let's take this opportunity to celebrate some Archie comic book covers featuring a Frisbee:
WARNING: These read like anachronistic versions of #ultimatepickuplines

How do you score points with a Frisbee?
By making it land near a group of girls! (1969)
Wow! Ronnie's got some pretty fancy curves!
And her Frisbee throwing is pretty good, too! (1969)
Archie holds a green disc while running away from a Demon Driver (1976)
I bet this Frisbee flips out Veronica on her birthday!
It sure will, Archie! She's expecting a pearl necklace! (1978)

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