Friday, July 18, 2014

Preview: MLU 2014 Championship

On Saturday, July 19th at 6:30pm ET, Major League Ultimate will host its second annual championship game, featuring a match up between Western Conference Champion Vancouver Nighthawks and Eastern Conference Champion Washington DC Current. This game will be played at PPL Park with a capacity of 18,500 in Chester, Pennsylvania (~18 miles away from Philly).

DC is 2.5 hours (138 miles) away from Philly by road. Vancouver is 5+ hours (2406 direct miles) away by air.

Both ream rosters draw heavily from their city's elite club ultimate team; DC Current/Truck Stop, Vancouver Nighthawks/Furious George.

OFFENSE: These two teams were tops in the league in goals; DC 216, VAN 212.
DEFENSE: They rank #3, #4 respectively; DC 174 goals; VAN 182 goals.
Both teams increased their win totals compared to last year. DC (9-1) clinched the top spot in the Eastern Conference while Vancouver (6-4) came in 2nd place in the Western Conference.
Both teams won the conference finals by 1 point.
Both teams have a similar dark PUMA jersey.

Saturday, July 19's forecast has a slight wind and a low chance of rain during the day and into the evening.

Watch the game on MLU live-stream (free), or buy a ticket to attend in-person. Be sure to appreciate the "first custom field painting in league history" and the extra cameras capturing the game.

Ticket prices range from $18 up to $65.

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Anonymous said...

What is with the photo-shopped picture on the front of the MLU website? It shows this lined field in a packed stadium, as to look like that's an MLU game. Is that meant to trick potential sponsors in the future?