Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Reaction to Rescheduled AUDL Game

The last game of AUDL's 2014 regular season was a rescheduled game between Minnesota Wind Chill and Indianapolis AlleyCats. And, the visiting team - Indianapolis AlleyCats - were none too thrilled to re-play.

Their previous meeting on May 31 was cancelled before halftime due to weather. This rescheduled match was necessary because of its playoff implications – 2nd & 3rd place in the Midwest Division.

Before the game:
During the game:

AlleyCats neglected to tweet the final result (loss 15-25) after tweeting the halftime score (6-14).

After the game:
AlleyCats' players took to twitter to provide, um, feedback about their 18-hour (~1200 miles) round trip.
@CameronEBrock tweets

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