Monday, July 14, 2014

Posting Game Results by AUDL Teams

The American Ultimate Disc League regular season ended on Sunday, but you may not know that by visiting some of the team's websites. ALL teams have a website. ALL teams have their schedule posted. NOT ALL teams post their game results.

If a sports team bothers to have a webpage listing their game schedule, then they are obligated to keep it updated. This request seems not like just common courtesy, but also common sense. The lack of score reporting by more than half of AUDL teams is unprofessional for a professional ultimate league.
  • Only 4 teams (23.5%) in the league have posted ALL their game results
  • Teams with a perfect publishing of game results: Salt Lake Lions, San Jose Spiders, Detroit Mechanix, Madison Radicals.
  • 12 teams (70.5%) out of 17 have posted SOME (8 teams) or ALL (4 teams) games results. [Some = not all]
  • 5 teams (29.4%) out of 17 have NO games results posted. REPEATED: Five teams did not post ANY of their game results to their website during the 2014 season.
  • WEST: 2 out of 5 teams posted results; San Francisco FlameThrowers, Seattle Raptors, Vancouver riptide did not
  • MIDWEST: 5 out of 6 teams posted results; Chicago Wildfire did not
  • EAST: 5 out of 6 teams posted results; Montreal Royal did not

If keeping score on how teams posted score results, the divisions would breakdown like this:
[All teams played a 14-game regular season]

Salt Lake Lions (14/14)
San Jose Spiders (14/14)
San Francisco FlameThrowers (0/14)
Seattle Raptors (0/14)
Vancouver Riptide (0/14)

Detroit Mechanix (14/14)
Madison Radicals (14/14)
Cincinnati Revolution (13/14)
Indianapolis AlleyCats (12/14)
Minnesota Wind Chill (11/14)
Chicago Wildfire (0/14)

New York Empire (13/14)
Toronto Rush (12/14)
Rochester Dragons (10/14)
DC Breeze (9/14)
Philadelphia Phoenix (9/14)
Montreal Royal (0/14)

[Data was compiled on 7/14 by visiting each team's website and visiting their "Schedule" webpage.]

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lvlln said...

From what I understand, AUDL teams run their own sites, yes? I honestly like the AUDL's product a little better than MLU's this year - the video production and the stats keeping are a step above - but there's something to be said for the top-down approach MLU's taking to keep the different teams consistent. I tried to check out the Montreal Royal roster and as far as I can tell, their players page doesn't even list NAMES, much less numbers and other info like position, height, weight. Just head shots. I'd like to see AUDL set some enforceable rules on what their teams must provide on their sites.