Tuesday, July 22, 2014

SB Nation on Pro Ultimate

SB Nation's "The ESPN3 Chronicles" series supplied wisecracks for Saturday's AUDL Playoff game between Indianapolis AlleyCats and Madison Radicals.

We address some of the main jabs from Rodger Sherman's SB article, "Ultimate Frisbee is a Sport":

1. "...despite all the makings of a real sport, it is sorted on ESPN3 under "games," right next to dudes playing video games, while football and soccer and hockey all get their own categories as sports"

SLUDGE: This point has been argued on this blog many, many, many, many times before.

2. "Someone is tracking every single pass made over the course of this ultimate frisbee league's season."

SLUDGE: Heads up, Ultimate leagues. To legitimize a sport, game/player statistics are to be tracked and presented in a method to inform/engage the audience. Beyond the final score reporting, this point was recently highlighted by the Wall Street Journal and regularly highlighted by MLU, plus nicely condensed by the San Jose Spiders.

3. "There actually were a relatively large amount of fans there."

SLUDGE: Um, yeah, just like in 2013. News Flash: Ultimate Frisbee is popular.

 4. "Indianapolis Alleycats is a bad name."

SLUDGE: First, it's "AlleyCats." Second, this criticism lacks rationale. Here's a sample template for next time.


Anonymous said...

It was actually a very positive article. Maybe a little defensive here??

Sludge said...

Dear Anonymous @ 2:57p,
I don't disagree. Consider this post as a companion piece to the SBN article.