Thursday, April 07, 2016

MLU Cleats and Cufflinks Podcast Delves Deep

Episode 38 of MLU's Cleats & Cufflinks is a heavy dose of Frisbee Zen led by The Dusty Lama. Dusty focuses on the pivot foot, disc spins and the sphere of catchability.

Warm up your ears. Open your mind. Breathe In. Listen. Breathe Out. Repeat.

Dusty re: pivot foot [17:55]: "It's almost like a limit function in math. Where it's like you decrease to this point where it's essentially zero. And the last thing that is touching the ground - that's your pivot. Until you get to the last thing you have multiple pivots. So, you are constantly decreasing the number of pivots you have until you're stuck with one spot."

Forward to the 22:05 mark of the podcast or video to hear Nic Darling's reaction: "We're running the risk of perhaps annoying our audience."

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