Friday, April 08, 2016

MLU Improvements for the 2016 Season

Ahead of this weekend when Major League Ultimate's third season begins, below are areas of improvement for MLU's 2016 season.

1. Consistency of the Live Stream for Broadcasts
The stream was a constant issue again and again during live broadcasts. (NOTE: The stream is a regular issue for any live streamed event) The stream would drop, the audio was off, and overall the technical issues made it challenging to watch the intermittent feed.

2. Use Data Visuals during Broadcasts
MLU wonderfully collects lots of game data and has shown they know how to use collected data. Adding these visuals during the broadcasted game would add value for the viewing audience.

3. Better MLU Podcasts
2014 was the year of MLU podcasts, but then they disappeared. There was a 6-month gap in between episodes until Cleats & Cufflinks returned. Now, with Nic Darling and Dusty Rhodes, C&C has been steadily entertaining - especially episode 38. Looking forward to listening to more MLU insight on future podcasts.

4. Find a better camera angle without obstructive views
Yes, that's a pole blocking your view of the disc.
screengrab of Seattle game footage
The camera setup at Seattle Rainmakers' games must find a better angle to avoid obstruction(s). That is all.

5. Move MLU Championship to the West Coast
For the past 3 years, the championship game has been hosted in/near Philadelphia. MLU should either find a West Coast venue or allow the Western Conference winner to host the championship game. First, it's time to share the joys of the MLU Championship game with the left coast. Second, a team from the West has never won the MLU Trophy. Travel may be a factor (maybe not); let's find out.

NOTE: I'm first & foremost a fan of ultimate. I attended MLU games in DC and followed the 2015 season. These suggestions are meant as constructive feedback to aid the sport.

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