Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Flatball Radio Heard on NPR

Flatball Radio was featured on NPR's (WBUR) Only A Game weekly sports podcast on heard public radio.

From the WBUR article: Ultimate players and fans are super-welcoming. They're like a bunch of misfits who've found each other, and in finding each other, they've found a place to belong.

Matt Mastrantuono, creator of Faltball Radio and who also directed Chasing Sarasota, said: "I think there are stereotypes about Ultimate Frisbee for a reason. We're a goofy bunch. Some of the smartest, most interesting people that I know come from this community, so I think that, you know, I think we're able to get them to branch out to do more than just things with a little plastic Frisbee."

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