Friday, April 15, 2016

Compilation: Coverage of Score by the Philadelphia Spinners

A collection of headlines covering that incredible play/catch by Nick Hirannet and Himalaya Mehta.

This Unreal Frisbee Play Is The Ultimate Catch [Huff Post Sports]

THE CHICKEN WING SPECTACULAR: Ridiculous Ultimate Frisbee Save Leads To An Even More Ridiculous Score [Digg]

We promise this ultimate frisbee highlight is very, very impressive [Extra Mustard / Sports Illustrated] 

This ultimate Frisbee play is so crazy it takes a few viewings to understand [SB Nation]

Philly ultimate player lays out for the catch [ESPN]

Trust Me, This Is A Cool Ultimate Frisbee Highlight [Deadspin]

Incredible ultimate frisbee highlight defies logic [Ten Play]

Ultimate Frisbee team beats buzzer with a mind-blowing play [Fox Sports]

Ultimate Frisbee Yields Gnarly Toss, Snag [Sports Grid]

This Ultimate Frisbee buzzer-beater is the greatest Ultimate Frisbee buzzer-beater [For The Win]

[Image via MLU Box Score]

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