Wednesday, April 06, 2016

MLU Rookies in 2016 Season

Major League Ultimate reported rosters for their 2016 teams. Each team indicated which players were "rookies" within their published roster. Out of 240 MLU players, 47.9% (115) are "rookies" (new MLU players) in MLU's 4th season.

Just like in 2014 & 2015, nearly half are playing in the MLU for the first time

The roster for Portland Stags has the lowest rookie percentage at 26% of their team

Boston Whitecaps (35) have the largest roster in the MLU, again

Vancouver Nighthawks and New York Rumble signed the most "rookies" with 20; nearly 2/3 of their rosters

The 4 teams that made the 2015 postseason have the fewest # of "rookies" on their rosters in 2016

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