Thursday, October 27, 2016

Seattle High School Ultimate Makes SCTop10

Zach Heffron's (Nathan Hale High School) full layout one-handed score catch hit #4 of ESPN's SCTop10.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Data Visual: WUGC 2016 Spirit of the Game Scores

open bracket (ultimate) designed a beautiful data visualization of SOTG scores from the 2016 World Ultimate & Guts Championships for all the ultimate divisions.

data visual via

How To Craft Candy Corn Cones

'Tis the season to be sweet and corny. 

Why not craft some candy corn cones for your late October ultimate games?

What You Will Need for temporary candy corn cones:
(1) roll of white tape
(1) roll of yellow tape
(1) scissors
(8) orange cones

1. Cut a piece of white tape and adhere to the top of the orange cone.

2. Cut a piece of yellow tape and adhere to the bottom of the white-tipped orange cone.

3. Repeat steps 1 + 2 on the remaining cones.

4. Don't forget to bring cones for your ultimate game.

[Idea reposted from original]

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

All-Star Ultimate Tour 2016 Game Results

The 2016 All-Star Ultimate Tour completed their 10-game schedule in July and August. The team of college women ultimate players posted a (3-7) record allowing 135 goals and scoring 121 total goals. Combining the 2015 game results, the All-Star Tour is now posts a (9-10) all-time record.

Game Results of 2016 All-Star Ultimate Tour.
[Halftime score: indicated by tick mark within scoring bar.
Scoring: All-Star in yellow/blue according to worn jersey; opponent in black] 

(2-4) = AST record in July 2016
(1-3) = AST record in August 2016

(3-2) = record of All-Star team when leading at halftime

5 = # of 1-goal games at halftime

5 = # of games decided by 2 goals

12.1 = average goals per game (10 games)

+5 = largest goal differential in a win (vs Phoenix)

-6 = largest goal differential in a loss (vs Traffic)

-1.4 = average goal differential (10 games)

NOTE: The 5th AST game ended early due to a player injury.

Since all games were played on the road, here are the records of when All-Star team wore their yellow (1-4) versus their blue (2-3) jerseys:

Monday, October 24, 2016

ANOC World Beach Games 2019To Include Beach Ultimate

The ANOC World Beach Games is a millennial sporting event that will engage and inspire youth through beach sports, entertainment and an innovative social media and digital engagement platform. San Diego was awarded the inaugural World Beach Games only four months after local officials even heard of the event in October 2015.

One year later (October 2016), the Association of National Olympic Committees delayed the $135 million games until 2019. The ANOC World Beach Game is now rescheduled to October 10-20, 2019; still in San Diego.

image via
And, beach ultimate ("Flying Disc) is one of the nearly 20 sports currently featured to be played at the ANOC World Beach Games. The beach version of ultimate is called beach ultimate.

The canceled 2016 World Series of Beach Ultimate/World Championships of Beach Ultimate concept could either help determine eligible teams for the World Beach Games, or could be replaced entirely by this international beach event. [UPDATE 10/27] WFDF's World Championships of Beach Ultimate (WCBU 2017) will serve as the qualification event for WBG 2019.

The 2019 World Beach Games would add another international ultimate competition to be played in the United States, The 2018 World Ultimate Club Championships is scheduled for July.  In addition, The World Games will be played in Birmingham in 2021.

SPOTTED: All-Star Ultimate Tour 2016 Calendar

Just noticed this All-Star Ultimate Tour posted a calendar schedule (below) from their 2016 summer tour.

This calendar visual appears to have borrowed from SLUDGE's 2015 and 2016 versions.

Well done!