Friday, April 28, 2017

Matt Bode (Raleigh Flyers) Mistakenly Celebrates Non-Goal, Creates Turnover

Early in the first quarter of Saturday's D.C. Breeze at Raleigh Flyers game, Matt Bode (#79) caught the disc near - but not in - the end zone, and erroneously spiked the disc thinking he had scored a goal. Instead of a goal, this turnover would count as one of Bode's 3 total turns on 37 game catches.

Broadcaster Evan Lepler called Bode's oopsy a "killer mental mistake" and a "bonehead maneuver."

Bode would score 7 goals and the Flyers would rally to a 23-21 overtime win.

[h/t @OneMorePitcher]

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Summary: D.C. Breeze Game 2, 2017 AUDL Season

The D.C. Breeze lost a heartbreaker on the road in Raleigh by by the score of 21-23 (12-9 HT) in overtime. The Breeze led the entire game until the Flyers tied it up at 19's with 1:34 left regulation. AUDL's Tuesday Toss published a detailed game recap in including a quote from Head Coach Darryl Stanley: "...We sought to address several things from the Toronto game, and I think we addressed all of them very successfully, as evidenced by our performance for the first three quarters. Now, we have some new material to grow from, and I’m confident we will."

This match was the first in the four cross-divisional series in the 2017 AUDL season with DC (East) playing Raleigh (South).

Chart via AUDL App / with SLUDGE edits

Game Leaders for the Breeze [via UltiAnalytics]:
Minutes = Eric Miner (32)
Defensive Blocks = David Boylan-Kolchin, David Cranston, David Shields (2 each)
Completions = Jonathan Neeley (40)
Catches = Alan Kolick, Jonathan Neeley (31 each)
Assists = Alan Kolick (7)
Goals = Eric Miner (4)

AUDL East Standings:
Through week 4, four teams are tied with a (1-1) record. DC is on top based on point differential.

 Full Game:

Game Highlights:

Next Game: 
DC's next game is a home game against Ottawa Outlaws on Saturday April 29. DC went (1-1) versus Ottawa in 2016 - a home win and 1 road loss.

Previous Game Summary.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Minnesota Wind Chill Tweet About Rough AUDL Play, Include a Subtle Advert

The Minnesota Wind Chill won their season opener with a 26-16 victory over Indianapolis AlleyCats. The Wind Chill, who are being managed by the AUDL, referred to their Midwest Division game as "chippy" in a tweet:

Minnesota Wind Chill: Its [sic] getting chippy. Hopefully nobody drops the gloves. Friction gloves that is.

For the record, the Wind Chill sell Friction Gloves in their online shop, while Indy offers gloves by Layout.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

U.S. Teams to Play in Torneo Eterna Primavera 2017

The annual ultimate tournament in Medellin, Colombia is this weekend. A bunch of U.S. club ultimate teams will be playing at Torneo Eterna Primavera.

Seattle Sockeye and Raleigh Ring of Fire are playing in the open division.

The World Games teams from Canada and the United States will be playing in the mixed division along with Stop Scandal (a combo D.C. Truck Stop + Scandal) team and Denver's Molly Brown + Johnny Bravo.

In the women's division, Raleigh Phoenix and a combined D.C. Scandal + Denver Molly Brown squad will be playing.

Software Company Ad Mentions Disc Sports

A commercial for software and technology solutions company SAP gives a shout out to ultimate without mentioning it by name. A brief shot of game action is shown for 1 second.

The ad tracks an athletic woman. First, she's heavily into basketball, next...

"Wait, the data just changed. Now she's into disc sports."
[flash to catching the Frisbee one handed and winding up for a lefty backhand as players make cuts in the background]
screengrab of SAP video

[h/t Atlanta Hustle]

Monday, April 24, 2017

NYT Mini Puzzle Includes a Frisbee-Related Clue

Today's Mini (crossword) Puzzle in The New York Times gave this clue for a 5-letter word: Frisbee thrower's wrist movement.

The NYT seems to be a fan of ultimate.

[h/t Evan Lepler]