Wednesday, March 22, 2017

WUGC 2016 Scoring Stats for US Ultimate Initial Roster for 2017 The World Games

Plenty of ways to slice and dice the 20-player initial U.S, Ultimate National team roster for The World Games 2017. Coaches Ghesquiere and Tsang have tough choices to narrow down the final 14-person roster.

One way to analyze players is how the players performed at the most recent international ultimate competition - WFDF's World Ultimate (& Guts) Championship(s). Eighteen of the 20 players selected played in London during the WUGC international event.

:US 2017 World Games Ultimate roster by U.S. National Team at WUGC 2016:
Men = 8
[DNP = 2 (Men)]
Women = 8
Mixed = 2 (Women)

WUGC 2016 Stats

Top Goal Scorers:
Women: Kami Groom (17), Claire Desmond (14)
Men: Schlachet (24), Mickle (12)

Assist Leaders:
Women: Georgia Bosscher, Anna Nazarov (14 each)
Men: Mickle (15), Ashlin Joye (13)

NOTES: Defensive stats were not available.
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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Breakdown of US Roster for The World Games 2017

Twenty players were chosen by USA Ultimate from The World Games tryout. The final roster will be 14 players (7 male, 7 female) for the co-ed team to represent the US in Poland.

0 = players from the Club Mixed Division (2016 season)

1 = # of players who grew up outside of the U.S. (Opi Payne, Tokyo)

2 = # of players who reside in the same town where they grew up (Jimmy Mickle; Golden CO and Georgia Bosscher; Madison, WI)

2 = # of players who played on the U.S. National Mixed Ultimate Team at 2016 World Ultimate and Guts Championships. (Carolyn Finney, Sandy Jorgensen)

3 =  # of players from Atlanta, GA (George Stubbs, Grant Lindsley, Chris Kocher)

4 = # of players who have a birthday in June.

4 = # of players rostered on NexGen Tour. (Freechild, Kocher, Mickle, Stubbs)

5 = # of players rostered on Team E.R.I.C. (Desmond, Freechild, Kittredge, Mickle, Payne)

5 = # of players who attended a University of California school. (UC-Berkeley: Claire Desmond, Joel Schlachet; UC-Davis: Ashlin Joye; UCLA: Anna Nazarov; UC-Santa Barbara: Carolyn Finney)

5 = # of players from Revolver club ultimate team (Beau Kittredge, Joel Schlachet, Ashlin Joye, George Stubbs, Grant Lindsley)

6 = # of players from the 2013 The World Games (Cali, Colombia) championship team roster. (Beau Kittredge, George Stubbs, Sarah Griffith, Ashlin Joye, Opi Payne, Georgia Bosscher)

8 = # of players who currently reside in California. (Anna Nazarov, Carolyn Finney, Claire Desmond, Beau Kittredge, Joel Schlachet, Ashlin Joye, George Stubbs, Grant Lindsley)

8 = # of players who reside in the same state where they grew up.

9 = # of players who reside in the same state as where they attended college. (University of California...: Ashlin Joye, Claire Desmond, Joel Schlachet, Anna Nazarov, Carolyn Finney; Colorado: Jimmy Mickle; Oregon: Dylan Freechild; Wisconsin: Georgia Bosscher: Carleton: Nick Stuart)

12 = # of different club ultimate teams represented.

18 = # of players who played at WUGC 2016. (Exceptions: Grant Lindsley, George Stubbs)

28 = average age of the 20-player roster. (female avg age = just over 28 years old; male avg age = just under 28 years old)

28 =
32 = age of oldest female player (Anna Nazarov)
34 = age of oldest player (Beau Kittredge)

Monday, March 20, 2017

Alex Trebek Jokes with Ultimate Frisbee-playing Jeopardy! Contestant

A Jeopardy! contestant from last week talked about how he and his wife met via ultimate frisbee.  The conversation starts innocently enough for Grant McSheffrey (a software developer from Ottawa, Ontario) and then Alex Trebeck lands a zinger about the sport of ultimate.

[h/t RH via JH]

Friday, March 17, 2017

AUDL Team Logos for St. Patrick's Day

A few American Ultimate Disc League teams are naturally green - Indy AlleyCats, New York Empire, Ottawa Outlaws, Vancouver Riptide, and Madison Radicals(?).  If all AUDL team logos went green today, here's what they would look like:

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Good luck playing U'Ltimate today!

Thursday, March 16, 2017

USA Ultimate's Vision Tour Visits DC

USA Ultimate is on the road to converse with the ultimate community in conjunction with their upcoming strategic management planning efforts. Washington, D.C. is one of the 11 cities on USAU''s Vision Tour.

WHAT: An evening of conversations with members of the Washington Area (Frisbee Club) community to discuss and learn more about your short- and long-term visions for the sport of ultimate.

WHO: All of the sport's stakeholders, including athletes, coaches, educators, parents, volunteers, observers, local organizers, sponsors, licensees, media entities and more are encouraged to attend and provide feedback.

WHEN: Wednesday, March 22; 7-9pm

WHERE: Trinity Washington University (125 Michigan Ave NE); Payden Academic Center, Rm 101