Friday, November 09, 2007


Transcript of an interview with El CHaptain before this weekend’s Tournament play:

Explaining Sludge’s 2-4 fall season …
For the same reason the letter m is used for slope in equations. Some would see it as 2 wins & 4 losses in the traditional fall season. Factor in 2 wins during scheduled scrimmages and hey we’re undefeated in our alt season! Bottom line: Sludge has never missed making the post-season.

On Sludge’s chances in the Tourney …
I feel like if we are able to show up, then we’re able to play. Under my tutelage, Sludge has never, comparatively, lost by 39 billion or 1.1 billion!

On how difficult it is to play in a game after not shaving all week …
You actually go out on the field feeling better. After a while, you pretty much get it. It would be like having to practice to drink Iced Tea out of a straw. Once you play for a while, you kind of get the hang of the flow.I’ve played for a long’s a great game. I’ve been fortunate to play this long. It’s fun for me. Anytime you can take a day off, you take it.


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