Monday, November 12, 2007

Post Season: 11.10.07+

11:10 - All Aboard
Sludge arrived to Anacostia Park on Saturday & ran into a train wreck! Expectations were low even before the brown train left the station. On the right track Sludge scored the first point versus DLuv. At midpoint of the ride, Sludge was 2 traincars in front.

[As you may recall from a previous game, Sludge was also ahead @ half.]

Rob's ballsy playing couldn't prevent a Great Train Robbery as DLuv stole one from Sludge 11-9.

Next up...a familiar opponent. If this pool felt very similar to a past pool, then you were not alone in this assessment. They began to eat away/devour/chomp - take your pick of words - at a sour Kerfuffle! Where's Matthew when you need him?

After 9 points, Chmp was AMTRAK -- working in a field with no competition.

Down 5 at halftime, Sludge's One-Day-& Done received a much needed injection of Joe's super duper popper stopper Zone D. Choo Choo! Like the Metro's 3rd rail, Sludge's energy was electrified and created turnovers and scores.

Sludge just couldn't keep churning steam (& time) to complete the uphill climb. Loss: 12-7.

Now, was it really necessary to drive around the park with the flashing hazards at this point?
I Don't Think So!

At the start of the 3rd consecutive game on the same field, there were whispers Sludge was c...old. A welcomed green light was signalled as Sludge sped past B2Swill with conductive D. Up 4 at half, Sludge just kept a rollin' & won a 'I Think I Can, I Think I Can' victory.

Game 4 was forfeited by EPA which gave Sludge a free ride...into the playoffs. Time to get some Rest & Relaxation.

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