Tuesday, November 13, 2007


In tribute to the ageless rockers, Led Zeppelin, who just put out a new album Mothership today.

From Hammer of the Gods- the Led Zeppelin Saga (1985):
:Chapter 2: Zeppelin Rising: Page 58
Led Zeppelin was intended to duplicate the band's early live shows so the new band would have something to sell while it spent the following year touring America. The album had to have a minimum of overdubs that would be difficult to reproduce onstage, so the tracks were recorded almost "live" in studio. Typically, adhering to Jimmy [Page]'s light/heavy scheme, the songs started as acoustic white blues etudes that mutated into Bonzo's stomping thud coupled with Pag'es hard-raunch guitar. "Good Times Bad Times" builds slowly until the whole band stops for an instant and - like a burst of pent-up electrical energy freed ffrom a capacitor - Jimmy rips into one of his thousand note flurries. Again, Annie Bredon's folish lament "Babe I'm Gonna Leave You" begins with Jimmy strumming an acoustic Gibson J-200 guitar, and then alternates with grinding hunks of sludge.

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