Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Playoffs: 11.12.07

humanatSunday, 11/11
BODY: Hey, hey, hey, I just got a txt msg from the Motor Skills Department saying we're playing another game @ Lake Fairfax! I thought ultimate was only gonna be on Saturday??
YOU: I told you there were FOUR games.
BODY: I will hafta talk to the Ear Group about this as there seems to have been a communication breakdown.
YOU: You should join the party where Pride is; they seem to be having a great time.
BODY: You're not the boss of me! Headsup, your muscles could use another extra hour of sleep like last weekend.
YOU: That only happens once a year.
BODY: Jeez, Internal Clock is now going on the repair list. FYI on my memo to the Brain that Monday's gonna be b-a-d & those things you call Vitamin I ain't gonna help you this time.

Sludge hearts Sludge Women
Sludge's slow arrival to Sunday's game mirrored their less-than-stellar start. Down 3-0 before CH's arrival, Sludge knew they were beta carotene than this! Dipping into their old (the playbook; not the players) playbook , brown finally peeled into their frustrated Carrot opponents with hucks, D, & turnovers. Sludge 8-7 at half.

The play of Sludge women - Gayle, Bucci & MJ - continued to be good for the eyes as Sludge pushed the score to 14-10. GPHRACK! Sludge choked on a big carroty bite and allowed a tie game, only to win by 2 points; 16-14.

Snack Diet
After a full game of snacking in the previous game, Sludge entered the Elite 8. With mixed enthusiasm, Sludge began Slowsky (YouTube O:30 seconds). Snax' shiny blue uniforms with numbers were intimidating enough. Running up the score 8-1 was bordering unfun.

Enter Liz...and Sludge scored some pity points in the 2nd half. Not enough for the eventual Go Home/Season Ending loss of 15-4.

Congratulations on a fun and prosperous post-season, Sludge!

C you next year...?

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