Monday, November 05, 2007

Week 9: Not Too Crumby

If the first half was a snotrocket, then the 2nd half was a heavy sinus congestion. Something no one seemed to want to catch. I'm not saying all throws were great, but ALL drops were certainly not.

Sludge started brisk just like the day. The Zone Defense deliciously buttered Dtoast as the Sludge Oven was set to dark. As formentioned, there was forced out brown productivity. And done quickly as the 10 8-0 2 halftime score would demonstrate.

The next 7 points would be bit more encrusted. Dtoast made a bigger-than-sliced-bread comeback which tempered the day. "Game On!" at the Washington monument grounds. Brown kept the lead throughout and at the end of Saturday's brunch Sludge made their own toast-this time to victory-15 to 12.

Other Note-Worthies:
  • Liz made a rookie mistake & forgot her brown shirt.

  • Rob forgot himself.

  • Post game pickup featured the talented cut/catch/throws of Gen II: Charlotte Rose & Ian.

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