Friday, October 21, 2016

Locations of WFDF World Ultimate Club Championships

Seven different countries have hosted WFDF's World Ultimate Club Championships (WUCC). The international ultimate club team tournament began in 1989 originally played biennially until 1999 when it became a quadrennial event. The United States will repeat as WUCC host for the 2018 tournament. Canada and the UK are the only other countries to have hosted WUCC multiple times.

Location History of WUCC
2018: Cincinnati, Ohio USA
2014: Lecco, Italy
2010: Prague, Czech Republic
2006: Perth, Australia
2002: Honolulu, Hawaii USA
1999: St. Andrews, Scotland UK
1997: Vancouver, BC Canada
1995: Millfield, England UK
1993: Madison, Wisconsin USA
1991: Toronto, ON Canada
1989: Cologne, Germany

Country Hosting of WUCC (11 events)
3 = USA
2 ea = Canada, United Kingdom
1  ea = Australia, Czech Republic, Germany, Italy

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