Thursday, October 20, 2016

TBT: New York, New York Ultimate

If you are looking for a teaser for the upcoming world premiere of the ultimate frisbee documentary, then look no further than Amazing Games.

This episode profiles Kenny Dobyns and his New York club ultimate team as they prepare and compete for the 1989 UPA Club Championships in Washington, D.C. The producer of Flatball, "Cribber," also played on this prolific NYNY team. Yes, this is the episode where Dobyns delivers his famous list about his life priorities.

The segment begins with the host and former football player, Bob Chandler, stating: " In this amazing game, [ultimate players] have to be both receivers as well a quarterbacks."

Later, Chandler explains: "They play an obscure game for no money and no fame. And yet they're as driven as any major league star." More: "There's no coddling for ultimate players. No outside support. No glamour. No glory."

The sport of ultimate Frisbee is defined as: combining "the flashing feet of soccer, the driving passes of football, the fluid moves of basketball, and the strategies of all three sports."



[7:15] "F.C.U., I.C.U." stands for Full Contact Ultimate, Intensive Care Unit.

[3:54] Look at those tall orange cones to mark the field! Did they not have sports cone in the late 80's?
Ken Dobyns on the sideline looking to throw into the end zone.

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