Tuesday, October 04, 2016

AUDL Team Owner Jim Gerencser Talks About Semi-Pro Ultimate

Podcast Episode 139 of Going Deep with Aaron Watson talks with Jim Gerencser, owner of AUDL 2016 Champions Dallas Roughnecks (AUDL), minority owner of the Philadelphia Phoenix, the founder of E.R.I.C., plus supporter of many other ultimate-related projects.

Here are some podcast highlights:
[17:50]  Gerencser claims to be the #3 guy in in spending money on ultimate.

[21:00] ERIC Tour reaching (introducing ultimate to) 40,000 youths.

Dallas Roughnecks Roster
Kurt Gibson stayed at Jim's house...and gave him a "little break" on his rent.
Beau Kittredge is part-owner of the Dallas AUDL team.

Baseball compared to ultimate
Jim Gerencser: "Baseball is boring as fuck! Excuse my language. Holy shit!"

Goals for the Philadelphia Phoenix
[23:52] Support the build up of the team.
Get their social media going.
Try to put together a team to win the east next year (2017).
Not aimed to smush [Spinners]. "I think they're going away with us trying to do that."

Major League Ultimate vs American Ultimate Disc League
MLU: Great league for what they are doing....but it's B-level players. They still have a great product. Some things are better than what the AUDL does.

Jim referred to MLU as "more like a timeshare." He preferred owning a business, so he bought an AUDL franchise instead.

>Listen to the entire GDwAW podcast.

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