Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Prize Money Won by Club Ultimate Teams in Triple Crown Tour 2016

Fifteen (15) club ultimate teams won prize money totaling $27,750 during the 2016 Triple Crown Tour regular season. Only 3 different women's club teams won money, while the men's and mixed divisions each had 6 different teams win prize money. Five (5) teams pocketed multiple TCT prize-money wins — Brute Squad, Revolver, Riot, Slow White and Truck Stop.

PEC = Pro-Elite Challenge
PFF = Pro Flight Finale
ESC = Elite-Select Flight Challenge
Natties = National Championships

NOTE: No club team was eligible for winning the $2000 Triple Crown "bonus" since the same team did not win U.S. Open and Pro Flight Finale.

UPDATED FROM previous posts; RELATED: 2015 TCT prize money.

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