Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Comparison: Seed vs Final Standings of Club Teams at 2016 USA Ultimate Nationals

Comparing the seed and finish of each 2016 USA Ultimate National Championships qualifying team in the men's, mixed and women's divisions. For the 2016 championship teams, the #1 seed held in only the men's division while the #2 seeded teams won in the mixed and women's divisions. Five teams from each division finished below their tournament seed. The 13th seeded team in all 3 divisions finished within the top-8 (Pro Flight) [SOURCE].


The top-2 teams finished according to seed. Eight (8) men's teams broke seed.
UP: Raleigh Ring of Fire (+10), Vancouver Furious George (+7), Austin Doublewide (+5)
DOWN: Chicago Machine (-9), Madison Club (-7), New York PoNY (-7)


Seven of the top-seeded teams finished within the top-8 spots. Ten (10) mixed teams broke seed.
UP: Metro North and Blackbird posted the biggest jumps with a +6.
DOWN: Fort Collins shame. (-7); Pittsburgh Alloy (-6), Philadelphia AMP (-5)


The top-6 seeded teams finished as the top-6 teams. Five (5) of the 16 teams finished according to seed.
UP: Madison Heist posted the biggest jump with a +6.
DOWN: SD Wildfire had the worst fall with -7.


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