Friday, October 14, 2016

Boston Brute Squad Visits Montreal Iris in Offseason Friendly

The Montreal Royal (AUDL) in association with Montreal Ultimate Association, the Quebec Ultimate Federation and Montreals Ultimate Feminin program are hosting a friendly match between Boston Brute Squad and Team Quebec (Iris) on October 15th. Brute Squad has won back-to-back USA Ultimate Nationals Championship in 2015 and 2016. Iris took 2nd at the 2015 Canada Ultimate Championships and finished 13th at 2016 USAU Championships. Boston is (3-0) all-time versus Iris during the 2015-2016 club seasons.  

WHEN: Saturday, October 15 @ 7pm ET

WHERE: Complexe Sportif Claude Robillard


The event at Complexe Sportif Claude Robillard is being hyped "to crown the best North American team!" Over 300 miles (~5 hour drive) separates these two cities.

The Link published an article about the sports event.

From the article: "Back in Quebec, Audrey St-Arnaud thinks that Iris media visibility of any kind would be great simply for the grassroots —who could only follow the team through Facebook and Twitter—can have "something to aspire to."

St-Arnaud: "The little boys in elementary or high school have something to aspire to but the little girls, they have Iris but it's on social media. To have a real game that will be filmed, that will give them something to aspire to because we have had good players in Quebec for years but equity in the media is not the same thing." St. Laurent, who is also part of the Quebec Ultimate federation’s board of directors, wants to stress that equity is different from equality.

"We don’t aspire to have the same things the men have, we want a visibility that’s proportional," she said.

Meanwhile, Iris will look to continue to grow on the American scene and help grow the sport of women's ultimate in partnership with the semi-professional men's ultimate team Montreal Royal.

Another subtle sign of equity for the Quebec ultimate federation backed team is volunteering at each other's games. Women's teams would volunteer to sell beer at Royal games but the roles will be flipped as Royal players will return the favour and sell beer for the exhibition game.

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