Sunday, August 10, 2014

Champions at 2014 World Ultimate Club Championships

Congratulations to the teams that won gold at the 2014 World Ultimate Club Championships!

OPEN: San Francisco Revolver won 17-15 over Seattle Sockeye. Johnny Bravo won 3rd place.

WOMEN: Seattle Riot won 17-15 over San Francisco Fury. DC Scandal won 3rd place.

MIXED: Drag'N Thrust won 17-10 over Bay Area Polar Bears; The Ghosts from Boston won 3rd place.

MASTERS: North Carolina Boneyard won 17-8 over Calgary Figjam. Denver/Boulder's Johnny Encore won 3rd place.

WOMEN MASTERS: Montreal Vintage won 17-13 over Boston Godiva. Germany's Golden Girls won 3rd place.

[All original logos are the property of each team. SLUDGE took creative liberty on this update]

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