Thursday, August 28, 2014

Ultimate to Expand at Australian UniGames

According to Ultimate Australia, the UniGames will replace the mixed division with a men's and women's Ultimate division in 2015. Ultimate has been an event at the Australian University Games since 2005. Only a mixed division was offered for the past ten years.

[Text from AFDA article]

Australian University Sport and Ultimate Australia are pleased to announce that the Ultimate competition at the 2015 Australian University Games, on the Gold Coast, will move from a mixed competition to a men's and women's competition.

The development of the sport within the university sector has seen a marked increase in female participation and both Ultimate Australia and Australian University Sport have been working to achieve the goal of staging a men's and women's competition for a number of years.

"Ultimate Australia have been working to specific gender balance goals over these past years and as we move towards our 2016 participation targets, we are excited that we can now offer a stand alone men's and women's competition. This is great for the sport and of course the players" says Simon Wood, CEO of Ultimate Australia.

Australian University Sport CEO Don Knapp agreed saying that the fact that Australian University Sport could now offer quality competition in both genders is a major achievement in the sport....

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