Tuesday, August 19, 2014

[Chart] Ultimate is a Sport

A chart and Ultimate Frisbee! YEAH!!!

A bad chart design and ultimate Frisbee. BOOOO!!!

This percentage chart that SB Nation posted is sketchy because it does NOT cite its sources of the data, NOR its sample size. Don't trust a chart like this. What is the data source????

The unsubstantiated chart reveals 80% call Ultimate Frisbee a sport. Just seeing that percentage - the sample size might be just 10 people. So, 8 out of 10 "people" "call" ultimate Frisbee a "sport." Also, over 60% of "people" "call" Disc golf a "sport."

How reliable is this chart without knowing this important piece of data?

Here's a chart that is more useful than the worthless chart SB Nation posted.
[FULL DISCLOSURE: I was the only one surveyed]

[HT Jimmy Leppert]

UPDATED 1:26pm: Thanks to @Adam__Swift for the link to the data source. [SOURCE: Sample size = 460 of reddit users.]

Updated chart with proper data sourcing (& highlighting disc sports).

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