Friday, August 01, 2014

Dispatches from Lecco: Packing for Italy

This series publishes updates from Scandal - Washington, DC's elite women's ultimate team - competing at the World Ultimate Club Championships in Lecco, Italy.

From Sarah Itoh (#4, DC Scandal)

The days leading up to any big ultimate tournament are always a little odd. I try not to think about the games too much to avoid getting too pumped up, too early. In fact, I try to put off most of my trip preparation until the last minute. So, last night I was pretty busy.

My packing list went something like this:
> Suitcase full of clothes, enough for two weeks (hooray for traveling after the tournament!)

> Duffel bag complete with cleats, jerseys, knee sleeves (gettin' creaky!), hats, long sleeve, set of undergarments, nail-clippers, water bottle, disc, and small soccer ball. **As this is the most important bag, this is the carry-on! If your luggage gets lost, at least you can show up ready to play!**

> Laptop bag as my personal item, loaded with with reading material, camera, MP3 player, floss, deodorant, snacks, etc. Never underestimate the value of good dental hygiene and some freshening up when traveling long distances!

> A cooler full of discs and cones (completely normal!)

If the gate agent asks if your cooler is full of ice, do you reply:
A) "Yes, it's how I keep the organs fresh".
B) "Definitely. I plan to bring back tons of gelato!"
C) Endure the quizzical look from the muggle of Ultimate with, "No, it's full of Frisbees and field cones."

> And last (but not least), you can't forget the Spirit gifts!!!

As my day job includes working with honey bees, I thought honey could be an awesome team gift. Earlier this season I placed a hive at (captain) Kath & (coach) Dutchy's house and as luck would have it, there was surplus honey to harvest after one of our practices last weekend.

So, we have truly authentic Scandal honey to dish out!
"Sweet" spirit gifts from DC Scandal

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