Sunday, August 03, 2014

Weather Cancels WUCC Sunday Games

As reported by multiple sources - namely anyone in Lecco waiting to play Ultimate - the first day of scheduled games for World Ultimate Club Championships were cancelled due to rain. Organizers have stated, "We are working to give you a great tournament despite the rainiest year since when the records have been taken." Their claim holds water since its the wettest July since 1899.

This translated version of an Corriere della Sera article mentions a "backhand summer," which sounds good in Ultimate lingo, but not-so-much in weather jargon:
"Fault of the Azores, the area of ​​tropical high pressure that usually guarantees good weather in Northern Italy. "This year, the anticyclone is weaker and far away, so it does not protect the Po Valley from the perturbations', reason Observatory. Compounding the situation you are putting temperature: "As soon as the sun comes out the air warms, creating a wet hood around the city. So, when they come fronts of cold air, immediately triggered the storm. " The classic backhand summer. However repeated for several days. The result is "water bombs" concentrated in a few hours."

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