Thursday, August 21, 2014

Survey Results: Skills for the Sport of Ultimate

:Overall Results:
The average rating for the sport of Ultimate by survey participants was 70.03, placing 3rd on the ESPN list - behind boxing [1st] & ice hockey [2nd]. (Soccer is #10 on the ESPN list.) The top five skills for Ultimate were: Agility, Speed, Hand-Eye Coordination, Endurance, and Analytic Aptitude.

Twice, Ultimate ranked higher than ESPN's top-rated sport in the categories of Agility (besting soccer), and Analytic Aptitude (besting soccer, ice hockey and auto racing). Ultimate was ranked within the top 15 of each skills category, except in: Strength, Power, Nerve, and Durability.

:Comparison of Ultimate to Similarly Ranked Sports:
Survey rankings within each skills category.

Endurance: Ultimate is between water polo and soccer at 7.86.
Strength: Ultimate is between rodeo and track and field distance at 5.34.
Power: Ultimate is between volleyball and basketball at 6.64.
Speed: Ultimate is between speed skating and swimming at 8.41.
Agility: Ultimate is higher than soccer at 8.7.
Flexibility: Ultimate is between high jump and squash at 6.1.
Nerve: Ultimate is between fencing and cycling sprints at 4.87.
Endurance: Ultimate is between soccer and lacrosse at 6.23.
Hand-Eye Coordination: Ultimate is between squash and auto racing at 8.07.
Analytic Aptitude: Ultimate is higher than soccer, ice hockey, and auto racing, at 7.81.

(highest ranking score = 10)

:Survey Results within ESPN Top-15 Grid:
Averaging all submitted responses resulted in Ultimate placing 3rd on the list  behind Boxing (1st) and Ice Hockey (2nd).

An eight-person panel of experts rated ESPN's sports. A total of 334 online survey participants provided ratings for the sport of Ultimate.

:Survey Demographics:
TOTAL PARTICIPANTS = 334  . GENDER: 18% female; 82% male

Nearly three-quarters of participants identified themselves as club or college players.

LOCATION: Most were from United States (72%) & Canada (14%), with additional participation from Australia, Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, India, Ireland, Italy, Malaysia, Netherlands, New Zealand, Serbia, Singapore, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, & United Kingdom.

AGE: Ages ranged from teenagers to over 50, with the majority (~71%) were between the ages of 19 and 28.

As noted in the published text, a bias exists since the survey participants were also involved in the sport.

Full Report: Download & Read the Survey Results.
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