Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Hints about MLU 2015 Season

In episode 15 of Major League Ultimate's podcast, Cleats & Cufflinks, it teases a few items about their 2015 pro Ultimate season. Fast-forward to around the 50-minute mark to get the limited scoop on next season.

1. Regular season: may expand to 12 games, from 10.

2. Start of season: may start later; away from mid-April. Past season started on April 20 (2013) and April 12 (2014).

3. MLU Championships: may move to August; away from July. Past games have been on July 13 (2013) and July 19 (2014).

4. Inter-league: No plans to have the Eastern & Western Conference teams play each other during the regular season.

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