Saturday, August 02, 2014

Chesapeake Open 2014

The Chesapeake Open Tournament begins today in Poolesville, Maryland, at the shitty fields at the Capitol Polo Club in Poolesville, Maryland. (Hey, they're only literally "shitty" because of the horse poop.) Eighteen flat fields will host 43 (16 men's, 20 mixed and 7 women's) club ultimate teams. All games will be played to 13 points.

Plenty of local teams will be playing, including MEN: Medicine Men, John Doe, RUNTIME, Supernova, TownHall Stars, Swell; MIXED: Death By Jubilee, American Hyperbole, Swing Vote, Throws of Passion, Los Penguinos, Sparkle Ponies; Redline and WOMEN: Backhanded, VETO, Shadowbox.

CO-Disc options at Chesapeake Open

Men: Southern Hospitality 13 - 10 Philadelphia Club
Mixed: SHUYAMOUF 13 - 5 Hooray for Coed, Hooray!
Women: Backhanded 10 - 8 Virginia Rebellion

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