Friday, August 29, 2014

Pro Flight Finale Coverage

The Top-8 club Ultimate teams from each division meet this weekend at USA Ultimate's Triple Crown Tour 2014 Pro Flight Finale event. A total of 24 teams visit Burlington, Washington, over August 30-31. This event was originally scheduled for California, but moved to the Emerald City Classic tournament.

NGN offers the live-stream of games for the price of $5 per game, or a $15 package for all 8 games.
[Chart] How many games are being covered at Pro Flight Finale
Of the 72 total tournament games, 8 games (11.1%) will be covered — 4 from men's division, 4 from women's division. No mixed division games will be covered. NGN's campaign to add just one mixed game to their Pro Flight Finale coverage failed to meet its fundraising goal of $2700.

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