Tuesday, July 03, 2018

Medal History at WFDF World Ultimate Club Championships

There have been ten (10) World Ultimate Club Championships hosted by WFDF. Since 1989 - when the first WUCC happened - seven (7) different countries representing club teams that have medaled at WUCC.

Club ultimate teams from the United States have absolutely dominated the WFDF World Ultimate Club Championships - collectively winning 59/75 (78.7%) available WUCC medals. USA club teams have won the most WUCC medals with fifty-nine (59). In second place, Japan club teams have collectively won 8 WUCC medals, next is Canada with three (3), followed by Australia with two (2), and tied with 1 medal is Finland, Netherlands, and Sweden.

USA club ultimate team(s) have won medals at every WUCC.

NOTES: More than one club team can represent a country.
Compiled data excludes masters divisions/includes men's, mixed and women's divisions only.
Data via WFDF; compilation and chart by SLUDGE.

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