Monday, July 23, 2007

Another MJ?

Before David Beckham decided to join the MLS LA Galaxy, he had a unpublicized tryout for Sludge.
Sure, he's fast.
Yeah, he's got a cool Web site.
So what, he's got tattoos.

His inability to use his hands on the friz pitch was an obvious strike against this Right Winger/Central Midfielder. That and his wife, POSH, sought to baggage with the handsome bloke. As a result, no go.

mija Instead...
another celebrity may be a stronger candidate to join Sludge. A recent WaPo source stated the King of Pop was searching for a vacation home in the DC area.

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Michael Jackson has been hunting for real estate on Maryland's Eastern Shore as the pop star searches for a vacation home.

A publicist for Jackson tells The Washington Post that the self-proclaimed King of Pop visited the rural peninsula last week "for about 24 hours," but hasn't made a purchase. Publicist Raymone Bain says Jackson isn't limiting his search to the Chesapeake region. He has since gone up the coast to look elsewhere for a vacation place.

Bain says Jackson came east with his children about ten days ago for meetings because "the majority of his advisers and attorneys are on the East Coast." She wouldn't elaborate on the purpose of the meetings.

The positive having MJ (clarification: the one in the Thriller vid YouTube 9:37) join Sludge is if we need more men, he could play; and if we need more women, he could still play.

Who's Bad?

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