Saturday, September 15, 2007

Order in the Food Aisle

Jen led the first meeting of the minds stomachs on Saturday. Jen proclaimed the SYbF Committee meeting's purpose:
In an attempt to consolidate meal ingredients, limit leftovers, save yen, and prevent the horrid first Food Lion run at OBX this year, I'll be gathering ideas at the first (and perhaps last) 'Saving Yen by Foraging' committee meeting after this weekend's game. Please stick around for a few minutes if you have experience foraging or have ideas for helping the calories go down more smoothly at OBX.

Ideas so far:
- Pre-OBX Costco purchases of cereal, beer, toilet paper
- Assigning people to meals and requiring them to forage on their own time and with their own yen
- Bringing flour, yellow food dye, and spices necessary for baking and cooking
- Finally reimbursing Rob for his pizza dough (Rob is a maybe this year. This may get him to join us, thus saving us all some money on rent)

And just cuz you aren't attending OBX this year, doesn't mean you can't share your ideas!

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