Monday, October 15, 2007

Week 6: O-B-Happy

Fresh from zero-feet elevation training near Duck (NC), Sludge met up with fellow masters Duck (Pond). The Life's a Beach attitude lingered for the first 3 points.

Down 0-3, the recent beachgoers began to dig out of the sand. As quick as a Keller OBX kitchen lap, Sludge had high tide tied the game! DP quacked about "Sludge's deceptive speed" (Yes, you read this correctly!)

The zone worked better than the OBX hot tub with Middle-Middle Meg and RedHot Wings from Christy + the O kept heating up, faster than the OBX oven, courtesy of "Goal line" Gayle.

After an ebb&flow 15 points, the 8-7 halftime lead was good enough for Charlie to safely leave in our non-pruney hands. True: in the 2nd half, Sludge stepped it up to the next sandbar and accumulated as many points as OBX pizza pie choices.

  • N.I.C.H. solidified his "N" with New cleats.
  • Not sure who he belongs to...but there was a documented tantrum by what looked like a 4 or 5 y.o., not a 45 y.o. Perhaps a lack of yellow cake?

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