Monday, September 19, 2011

Week 2: It’s No Secret

iNotePadAn entry dictated by Daniel...possibly destined to be written in a secret journal...

Two Sludge people are right in middle of the field.
Two from the other team are right here.
One got it. But ran into each other.
The End.

In the first game, Sludge established the game pace early versus Built 2 Swill – slow their O down; transition into brOwn. David exemplified this with a D and a cross field hammer to Joe. Nigel dove right into the action with a sliding catch on his first point. 5-3.

Bucci’s sharp cutting, Jen’s strong handed flicks, and CHarlie’s goal line backhand to MicHael pushed Sludge to a 4-point halftime lead. 8-4.

By the time the player formerly known as NICH was RE-renicknamed to a new "NICH" Now Ice Cream Hangover, Sludge was eager for more playtime [playing time].

On the 7-2 second half run, Matthew connected with new-cleated-bare-foot Brian (10-5), Andrew zipped from midfield to track down a throw (11-5), as Joe collected a “bookend” with a knockdown in the zone cup & then caught the score. Win 15-6.


During intermission in between game 1 and 2, original Sludge won 2-0 versus orange Sludge.
Like the Super Committee, Sludge was balanced but began in a deficit; 0-1. RacHel had an anti-Callahan stance by D’ing 2 opportunities instead embracing the popular D & score. The brown zone kept pressuring as Bird P*rn made many completions but not enough to yards. 5-2.

Regularly, Christy found cutting lanes, & both Sarah and RacHel outran the defense to catch scores. 6-2.

Near half, David threw a fake which resulted in a real nice score for Mike. 8-3.

At 11-4, Sludge were the pigs stationed under a strong zone structure (zone D) that these angry birds could not take down. They had four chances at the goal line stand, and each was repelled. Throwing away all the throwaways from the other tean, Sludge played solidly with Ultimate flow. 14–6. Win 15-8.

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Good thing we had 2 games!