Saturday, November 05, 2011

Pool Play 11.05.11

:Game 1:
The day started on the shady side of the two fields. The chill in the air didn't stop Sludge from a red hot start, 1-0. The slight wind and tight D didn't hurt either. Jen had a knockdown against SAIS Matters which led to a Sarah score, 4-2.

Sludge benefited from converting defensive turnovers into scores. Christy caught many scores, with a memorable one up the line from a sliding forehand from Chris, 6-2. 7-2 half.

Russ played in his first game of the fall 2011 season.

Sludge stayed hot like Jen's hot chocolate in the second half as Andrew hammered to Mike, 11-3. Win 13-5.

:Game 2:
Sludge continued their D-ominance with a 2-0 lead. Brown's zone dictated the game pace early on the sunny field, and resulted in Disc Toast changing from blue to white. After a very short pull, the game shifted to 2-1, 2-3.

At 4's, brown found their momentum with a Sarah-to-MicHael-to-Russ connection; Charlie-to-Joe-to-Christy score; & Nigel-to-Andrew-to-Jen. A luckier-than-good phase kicked in as Sludge took half 7-4.

At 8's, Matthew wound up his forehand for consecutive scores - once to Chris; another to Steve. The game ended with a beautiful dump to Christy and swing to Andrew for a score by Sarah. Win 12-8.
:Game 3:
After playing 38 points in the morning (2-0), Sludge had 2 more games. The bye was not kind to Sludge bodies.

Against the #1 seed, Sludge jumped to an early (and prideful) lead. During this energized first point, Dance Cafe was pushed back to their end zone and could not move the disc against the mighty Sludge zone that has been perfected for 27 seasons. Nigel caught the turnover and flipped a score to Brian, 1-0.

At 1-4, Sludge struggled to convert limited turnovers by the (much) younger team. Brown's offense stayed fueled by Sludge women - Sarah, Jen & Christy, 3-7.

First or second throw turnovers were prevalent by Sludge, while the opponents flowed with underneath passing, 5-10. Not even a handblock by Mike could help Sludge playing from behind. Loss 6-12.

:Game 4:
Sludge returned to the dark side field for their last game vs This Is Why I'm Hot.

Cut were slow to form; rather, there were no cuts. 0-1.
The sun was in Sludge's eyes in both directions. 1-5.
Fatigue /fəˈtig/ [fuh-teeg] {from French, from fatiguer to tire, from Latin fatīgāre} 1-7.

At 1-9, it felt like 0-9.
The shade makes it colder; so does not valuing the disc. 1-12.

Sludge could only score once in each half. Loss 2-13.
Mi Rancho therapy ...

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