Wednesday, May 01, 2013

ESPN says it's Covering Ultimate

ESPN Comes Out: Openly Covering Ultimate

As ESPN went about its normal daily operations of covering the biggest sports headlines, it, too, was finalizing plans for an announcement that would send shock waves across the world of sports. That official internet video announcement came on Tuesday, with a YouTube clip posted by USA Ultimate:

The original draft announcement began with three statements: "We're a 34-year-old global media network. We're owned by Disney. And we're covering Ultimate." Instead, the announcement led with a casual greeting: "What's up, Ultimate fans?"

With that, ESPN became the first active major sports network in 2013 to come out as covering more than just college Ultimate — a designation that is certain to elevate this already hugely popular cable network known primarily for its signature telecast, SportsCenter. Coverage will not just be the College Championships, like CBS Sports Network, but ESPN will also feature the U.S. Open Championships and the National [Club] Championships.

The initial wave of public reaction to ESPN's revelation was overwhelmingly supportive. Skyd Magazine, Full Field Hammer and Ultiworld tweeted ESPN's welcome message, and USAUltimate's video has gained nearly 30,000 views. Windy City Wildfire star Brodie Smith and a handful of Ultimate players were among others who issued public kudos to ESPN. Tuesday's official announcement from ESPN officially confirms previous "rumors".

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