Friday, November 21, 2014

Pro Ultimate (Season 2014) Pic Dump

Here is a random collection of images from the American Ultimate Disc League (AUDL) & Major League Ultimate (MLU) teams during the 2014 pro Ultimate season.

UltiPhotos: Full Coverage - San Francisco Dogfish at Seattle Rainmakers - 4/19/14 &emdash;
Chris Ballew of the band, The Presidents of the United States, threw the ceremonial first pull at the Seattle Rainmakers game versus SF Dogfish. [MLU, April 19, 2014] via

UltiPhotos: Highlights - New York Rumble at Boston Whitecaps 4/12/14 &emdash; Boston Whitecaps vs. NY Rumble
It's the "game disc" because it is labeled so. [MLU, April 12, 2014]  via

UltiPhotos: Full Coverage - Seattle Raptors at Vancouver Riptide 4/19/14 &emdash; Riptide_Raptors_20140419_193627_JBP01096
A hammer looks right-side up from my perspective. [AUDL; April 19, 2014]  via
UltiPhotos: Full Coverage - Portland Stags at San Francisco Dogfish 4/26/14 &emdash;
Portland Stags share a moment (with a foam roller). [MLU; April 26, 2014] via

New York Empire used the baseball stadium scoreboard to display by-quarter scoring. [April 26, 2014]

UltiPhotos: Full Coverage - New York Rumble at Philadelphia Spinners 4/26/14 &emdash; MLU Spinners vs. Rumble
Did you say Mohawk? Or "No Huck"?? [MLU; April 26, 2014] via

Blindfolded or not, EYE know it's a score! [MLU, May 10, 2014] via
Who caught the disc first? Isaac Saul by a nose! [MLU, June 8, 2014] via

UltiPhotos: Sandy's Photos - Philadelphia Spinners at New York Rumble 6/8/14 &emdash; MLU Philadelphia Spinners vs New York Rumble 6/8/14
This human Rumble chair looks uncomfortable. [MLU, June 8, 2014] via
Stripes and camo are a bold pairing for this AUDL ref. He's the ref, right? [AUDL, July 15, 2014] via

At Week 5's ESPN3 Game of the Week, Commissioner Gordon was being interviewed, but the Wildfire players' warm-up deserves all the attention. [AUDL, May 9, 2014]  via

UltiPhotos: Highlights - Portland Stags at Vancouver Nighthawks 5/24/14 &emdash; Nighthawks_Stags_20140524_202703_JBP00918
I believe I can fly! [MLU, May 24, 2014] via

Ashlin Joye fan wearing a Spiders (AUDL) hat & a Dogfish (MLU) jersey. [July 18, 2014] via

UltiPhotos: Sean's Photos - 2014 MLU National Championship Game &emdash; MLU Championship Vancouver Nighthawks vs. DC Current
Kolick fan updates Alan's face. [MLU, July 19, 2014]

Seven camera views during the AUDL Championships. [posted Nov 14, 2014 via AUDL Facebook]
Thank you to all photographers who capture the sport of Ultimate. Special appreciation to UltiPhotos.

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