Monday, October 28, 2019

Results of 2019 USA Ultimate National Championships

USA Ultimate's 2019 Triple Crown Tour concluded in San Diego, California, where 48 qualifying teams competed.

Seattle Sockeye [#1 seed] won their first club championship with a finals win 13-12 (8-4 halftime) over Chicago Machine [#6 seed]. This is Sockeye's fourth national championship title and their first  since 2007.

Philadelphia AMP [#3 seed] won their 2nd consecutive club championship with a 15-9 victory (8-6 haltime) over San Francisco Mischief [#6 seed].

BrĂ¼te squad [#5 seed] won their third club championship with a 15-7 win over Toronto 6ixers [#4 seed]. This was the fourth matchup between these Northeast region teams.

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