Thursday, January 17, 2008

Operating Status

Forget the Word of the Year, let's talk Words of the wintry weather DAY - Operating Status & Skool Closings.

Skies: Light snow. Snowflakes the size of frisbees, I tell ya!
Humidity: 80%
Winds: SE 8 mph
Dew Point: 30°F
Feels Like: 30°F

:Sludge Service Hyperlinks:
US Office of Personnel Management's Operating Status
Unofficial List: Skool Delays & Closings

UPDATE (6 pm)

Skies: Light rain. Frisbees can double as flat umbrellas.
Humidity: 80%
Winds: NE 9 mph
Dew Point: 30°F
Feels Like: 29°F

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